Latin America rebounds. An economic turnaround?

Our Perspective 2 years ago

Cross-Mentoring: The New Knowledge Exchange

"We - as LH Group - experience the E-Jets as very reliable aircraft."
Dr Alexander Feuersaenger Head of Fleet Procurement at Lufthansa Group

Still the Greatest Show on Earth

The Power of Talent and Enthusiasm

"The E190 was an instant hit with customers."
Calin Rovinescu President & CEO of Air Canada
"The E190 is an amazingly reliable aircraft."
Robin Hayes President & CEO of JetBlue
"The first production E175 with the complete package of modifications will fly in the colours of United Express."
John Slattery President & CEO of Embraer Commercial Aviation

The Making of a Legend

Healthy Margins and Aircraft Size

The E195-E2 is Born

Announcing our First E-Jet E2 Operator