Welcome to the E-Freighter Aircraft

Air freight is vital to the global economy – an economy that is changing rapidly. Supply chains are shortening and becoming more spread out. E-commerce sales and online shopping are growing and becoming bigger than ever. More and more people are working from home, choosing to live in areas away from large and crowded urban centres.

In this very different world there is a need for a new freighter that has the capacity, speed, flexibility and reliability to deliver round the clock – introducing the E-Freighter aircraft from Embraer!


Positioned in the market to fill the gap between turboprops and larger narrowbody, our new freighters have the flexibility to adapt to changing market trends.


The E-Freighter are the ideal aircraft to take over larger aircraft operations that are suboptimally deployed both in terms of weight and volume. They also enable expanded coverage of time-definite services to more places than before and wherever people are.


E-Commerce demands fast deliveries and decentralized operations – something that a rightsized fleet of crossover jets like the E-Jets Freighter can offer versus larger aircraft.


Full integration with pallets used in bigger aircraft allows for a smooth addition on current operational, but not necessarily optimized fleets.


Being younger, more fuel-efficient aircraft, the E-Freighter can carry similar volume as their larger counterparts with much lower emissions – and smaller operational costs.

For an increasing number of global operators the time is right to replace their fleet of ageing, less efficient freighters with the latest aircraft, like the E-Freighter. Isn’t it time your business took advantage of new market needs and growth opportunities with the aircraft that is redefining the freight sector?