E-JETS. Accelerate Opportunity. E-Jets revolutionized regional air travel, and today, accelerate business opportunity for many airline operators. Currently, over 700 E-Jets are in service, setting the benchmark in performance, efficiency and economics
Reduction in fuel burn compared to competitors
Better fuel efficiency per seat*
For extended range


A regional jet with ‘the big jet’ feel, E-Jets lead the way in performance and efficiency in single-aisle. The industry’s most successful line of 70 to 150 seat passengers jets, with over 80 airlines flying the model and an average mission completion rate of 99.9%.


The 2+2 configuration with no middle seat guarantees every passenger either a window or an aisle seat and with no under-seat support rails, there’s more space to stretch out. The large overhead bins ensure every passenger has space for their carry-on bag.
Orders to date
Million flight hrs
Airlines fly E-Jets


Whether flying in mainline networks, low fare/low cost environments, or on regional routes, the four members of the E-Jets family ensure airlines have the right capacity to maximize bottom-line returns. Fast turnaround times (15 mins or less) increase daily utilization, while reducing unit costs.


  • E170
  • E175
  • E190
  • E195
The Advanced Range (AR) version of the E170 can carry a full load of passengers up to 2,150nm (3,982km).
The Advanced Range (AR) version of the E175 can carry a full load of passengers up to 2,200nm (4,074km).
The Advanced Range (AR) version of the E190 can carry a full load of passengers up to 2,450nm (4,535km).
The Advanced Range (AR) version of the E195 can carry a full load of passengers up to 2,300nm (4,260km).
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We don’t just provide you with the very best regional aircraft, we also give you peace of mind. From real-time monitoring and optimized maintenance to aircraft upgrades and flight safety training, our aim is to maximize the efficiency, performance and profitability of your fleet.