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Very soon, the E2 ‘Profit Hunter’ will reach another milestone – entry into commercial service. But what has it taken to achieve this?

In a fascinating documentary, you’ll discover how Embraer launched their very own airline, Pioneer Airlines to ensure the E2’s smooth and successful entry into the marketplace.

You’ll also hear the incredible stories behind Embraer’s next-generation airplane. The introduction of new technologies. The passion and commitment of a talented team of people who were focused on making the E2 the best performing, most efficient and most mature airplane in the single-aisle segment.

We do hope you will be able to watch this new series – giving you a unique insight into the world of E2 and Embraer.

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Episode 1: The Beginning

Pioneer Airlines was created with one mission in mind – to ensure the smooth and successful entry into commercial service of the Embraer E2.

Episode 2: Testing phase

In this episode, we reveal the testing phase of the #Embraer #E2 aircraft and how a passionate and dedicated team of people perfected every aspect of this next-generation airplane.

Episode 3: In search of perfection

In this episode we discover how the E2 was tested in the extreme temperatures of the North American winter, so that it can operate in any region of the world.