Asset Management

Remarketing of Embraer pre-owned portfolio. More than just the red-carpet treatment on delivery day, we offer the reliability of one of the world’s leading aircraft manufacturers along with our experience in managing assets to maximise value.

Established in September 2002, to manage and remarket pre-owned Embraer aircraft. Since then, we placed more than 200 aircraft worldwide.

We are uniquely positioned to be able to offer you, our customers, a one-stop shop for the world’s most successful regional aircraft with the clear benefits of dealing directly with the manufacturer. When you acquire an aircraft from us, you know it comes with the manufacturer’s seal of approval.

Contact our Team

Contact our Team


REGION: Americas and Asia Pacific
TELEPHONE: +55 12 98149 9237 / +55 12 3927 2797


REGION: Europe, Middle East and Africa
TELEPHONE: +55 12 99156 9359 / +55 12 3927 3199



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