FleetSmart – the solution that optimizes every part of your operation.

As one of the world’s largest commercial aircraft manufacturers, we have a deep understanding of the challenges airlines and leasing companies face. So we have created a solution, FleetSmart, that goes beyond the concept of right-sizing aircraft, by optimizing every aspect of your business. Based on 3 performance pillars – Design Smart, Experience Smart and Business Smart, FleetSmart is helping operators sustain profitability and outperform their rivals.

Design Smart
Our aircraft and aviation services are designed by people who apply their aviation passion, engineering prowess, understanding of fleet operations and mastery of clever technologies. We’re unafraid to challenge the norm if it means we can create a better aircraft or a more effective service operation. It is this dedication to designing better solutions for our customers that has led to:

• More fuel efficient aircraft through the use of clever technologies and materials
• Increased reliability so your aircraft spend more time in the air
• Next-generation cabins that deliver outstanding levels of space and comfort
Experience Smart
We do everything we can to ensure our customers enjoy working with us. We create strong and committed business relationships; we listen to understand the service and operational challenges you face; we build value into our service experience to integrate easily with airline operations; we make it easier for airline maintenance and service people to do their jobs; we create the aircraft that pilots and crew love to fly; and deliver unrivalled experiences for passengers with our award-winning aircraft interiors.

• No middle seat in any class, delivers greater comfort and more personal space
• Advanced connectivity enabling the use of personal electronic devices
• Innovative design reduces noise levels in the cabin
Business Smart
Our FleetSmart solutions have been created so your airline business outperform on all fronts: to maximize airline business agility, minimise maintenance and operational costs, increase aircraft availability and fleet flexibility, enable new business models, optimize profitability per seat, and outperform traditional returns on aircraft assets. We’re helping operators look after their bottom line through:

• Optimized seating configurations that maximize passenger return
• Increased aircraft availability and flexibility
• Reduced maintenance and operational costs
• Opening up new routes and revenue streams with longer range aircraft

If you're a profit hunter

looking to maximize revenue while keeping operational costs low, FleetSmart is the solution.

If you're a business warrior

who wants to exploit new opportunities while sustaining profitability, FleetSmart is the solution.

If you're looking to build an airline

and make it a runway legend, FleetSmart is the solution.

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