A Meeting of the Minds in Nairobi

A Meeting of the Minds in Nairobi

Representatives from Embraer met with some 30 employees of Kenya Airways on September 24 and 25 in a “knowledge exchange” to better understand the issues facing each company.  For two days, discussions and presentations focused on market strategy, maintenance and operations, revenue management and profit analysis.  The meetings were an opportunity for the airline to learn about global E-Jet operations and for Embraer to learn about the particulars of the Kenya and African markets.

Embraer Meetings Minds Nairobi

Mr. Titus Naikuni, KQ’s CEO, and Mr. Paulo Cesar Silva, President and CEO of Embraer Commercial Aviation, participated in the workshops and talked about industry trends.  The program at KQ is one way in which Embraer is continually working with its customers to ensure their aircraft are performing at their best.

Embraer Meetings Minds Nairobi Speaker

KQ is preparing to receive one more E190, its 20th, which will bring the fleet to 5 E170s and 15 E190s.  KQ is the largest airline in Africa and serves 33 cities.  Its E-Jets are a critical part of the carrier’s objective to link Nairobi with all the capital cities on the continent in 2014.  Many of those city pairs are long, including Nairobi-Johannesburg where, today, you will find the E190 flying nonstop on the 2,900 km route.

Embraer Meetings Minds Nairobi Paulo Silvia

Paulo Cesar Silva, President & CEO, Embraer Commercial Aviation, updated KQ participants on market trends and activities at Embraer.

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