Flyglinjen Starts E145 Operations

Flyglinjen Starts E145 Operations

Swedish carrier Flyglinjen started flying an E145 between Kristianstad and Stockholm’s Arlanda Airport on August 12.  The 428 kilometer city pair will be served with up to three daily flights, six days per week.  Block time each way is 60 minutes

Embraer Flyglinjen Starts E145 Operations

The aircraft is configured with 49 seats and is wet-leased from bmi regional.  The U. K. Carrier provides the airplane and crew and performs all maintenance.  Flyglinjen handles all ground services and ticket sales.  Flyglinjen CEO Richard Lofgren contracted with bmi regional to replace the Fokker 50s that were previously flying on the route.  The regional jets will reduce travel time and introduce morning and evening flights that are better timed for same-day business travellers.  Flyglinjen is the only scheduled airline flying between Arlanda and Kristianstad.

bmi regional has a long history of wet leasing.  The E145 agreement between the two airlines is for ten months.

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