E190-E2 Joint Definition Phase Concluded

E190-E2 Joint Definition Phase Concluded

Embraer concluded the preliminary design review, referred to as the joint definition phase (JDP), of the E190-E2 in May. Work has now commenced on the critical design review which validates the maturity of the aircraft and allows for the production of prototypes.

Embraer engineers have already flown the E190-E2 in virtual simulation flights. These flights help to identify any design or integration problems before conducting tests on rigs or real aircraft. The simulations minimize any costly rework that may be necessary during the early phases of product development and, overall, saves time.

The JDP for the E195-E2 started in May 2014. The E-Jet is slated to enter revenue service in 2019. Embraer also concluded its concept studies for the E175-E2 and started aerodynamic wind tunnel testing. Deliveries for the E175-E2 are scheduled to begin in 2020.

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