E190-E2 Icing Tests in the USA

E190-E2 Icing Tests in the USA

Our third E190-E2 prototype is now in the USA conducting flights in natural icing conditions. The data will help certify previous information that was collected through tests in ice tunnels, wind tunnels and in flight tests with simulated ice shapes.

In these test flights, pilots fly into a known icing conditions. The aircraft must continue flying long enough to accrue a specific amount of ice on non-protected areas. The crew then performs various maneuvers to evaluate aircraft performance and flying qualities. The test is then repeated until sufficient data is gathered.

The campaign to certify the E2s in icing conditions includes:
. Assessment of ice formation on the fuselage
. Assessment of ice accretion on the airframe and engines
. Validation of the thermal capabilities of ice protection systems
. Validation of results from thermal analysis
. Validation of of ice detectors performance on the installed position
. confirmation of satisfactory functioning of other systems (anemometrics, radios, radar)

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