Africa & Embraer – A winning combination

Africa & Embraer – A winning combination

African airlines have been experiencing rapid growth over the past decade, with leading industry analysts predicting this trend to continue well into the years ahead. Opportunities for airlines are ample, with new markets to be served, frequencies to be increased on existing markets, as well as fleet capacity to grow naturally.

Embraer is playing a vital role on the African continent to ensure airlines are able to capture the growth in a sustainable manner, today and tomorrow. We are part of the journey, having 127 aircraft in operation, with 39 airlines in 19 African countries.

Embraer Africa Airlines Map

Embraer’s history on this continent has been a long one. The very first Embraer aircraft, an EMB-110 Bandeirante (SN 110195), arrived new in Africa in 1978 in operation with Nouvelle Air Affaires in Gabon. Actually, this very first aircraft is still in daily operation today right here in Africa – almost 40 years later!!

Embraer’s aircraft families ideally fit the African aviation context providing unbeaten economics, balanced performance as well as unparalleled levels of passenger comfort. Our customer support is one important feature. Embraer’s presence locally throughout Africa ensures that our aircraft are up in the air and generating revenue for our partners.


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