Our Newest Concept – The Sterile Lavatory

Our Newest Concept – The Sterile Lavatory

We’re always improving our products. As we enter the second year of the pandemic, we’re finding even more ways to respond to airline and passenger needs. It’s why our engineers are working with our customers and other partners to bring innovations that make the flying experience even healthier and safer.

One of the projects under study is the Sterile Lavatory. Since last year, we’ve been studying ways to minimize possible viral and bacterial contamination in lavatories. The conceptual design of our Sterile Lavatory goes further than the current UV-C water disinfection system and touchless faucet and flush technology on the E2s.

We’re evaluating applying the touchless concept to the waste flap, soap dispenser, toilet lid, and door latch. We’re also evaluating the effectiveness of antimicrobial surfaces in the lavatory and other touchpoints in the cabin. These include developing coatings, films, and anti-microbial materials with embedded nano-particles that neutralize viruses and bacteria.

Even ultra-violet light is powerful in reducing contamination. We’re studying how UV-C lighting can be used. For example, every time a passenger exits the lavatory, UV-C lighting would activate so that surfaces would be disinfected for the next passenger.

The result would be a cleaner, safer, healthier environment.

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