Triple Certified!

Triple Certified!


It’s official – ANAC, Brazil’s civil aviation authority, the FAA, U.S. Federal Aviation Authority, and EASA, the European Aviation Safety Agency, have granted Type Certification to the E190-E2. It is the first time that an aircraft program with the level of complexity of the E2 receives a type certificate from three major worldwide certification authorities simultaneously.

Since its launch in 2013, the E2 program has been on budget, ahead of schedule and better than its original spec. The E190-E2’s fuel burn is 1.3% better than planned. Maintenance intervals were approved at 1,000/10,000 FH compared to the initial 850/8,500 FH making the E190-E2 the aircraft with the highest serviceability in the industry. Noise is 3 EPNdB better than the original spec – the E190-E2 is now the quietest single-aisle jet in the world. And for current E-Jet customers, another important achievement: it only takes 2.5 days of training for pilots to transition to the E2.

Four E190-E2 prototypes logged a total of 2,200 flight hours. In order to ensure maturity at service entry, the E2s also completed some 34,000 hours of rigorous tests in laboratories with rigs for avionics, structures and electrical, hydraulic and environmental systems.

The certification approvals pave the way for delivery of the first customer aircraft to Norway’s Widerøe Airlines in April.

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