Rigged to Fly in Comfort

Rigged to Fly in Comfort

From a distance, it might look like an actual E2 prototype but on closer inspection, the Environmental and Comfort Rig is a full-size wooden fuselage mock-up specifically built to test air flows, ventilation, temperature distribution, ducts, noise and everything else that impacts the efficiency of the movement of air in the aircraft.

Embraer engineers have completed two of the four phases of the planned 13-month test program. The first phase evaluated the efficiency of the hot and cold air pre-mixing duct and the resulting output from the air pack.

The second phase was more intensive and focused on air flow rates, positioning ducts to ensure they are sufficient to cool the electronics bays in the pressurized area, ventilation in the forward galley and circulation to defog the side windows in the cockpit. Engineers also determined the optimal arrangement for distributing air in the forward cargo compartment, evaluated the efficiency of the hot and cold air mixing duct and the hot air (Trim) nozzles in the cockpit and cabin.

The team has started the third phase of tests which examines the entire air conditioning system, including cockpit ducts and overhead gaspers in the passenger cabin.


The last phase will focus on temperature variations, the presence of drafts, the placement of smoke detectors, an assessment of noise, the efficiency of moisture control and water drainage, and the overall comfort of the cabin.

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