Preparations for Wing Anti-Ice System Tests

Preparations for Wing Anti-Ice System Tests

An instrumented slat with a piccolo tube (built by SONACA of Belgium) passed compliance inspection on August 7 in the first of several steps in the certification of the wing anti-ice system on the E190-E2 and E195-E2. The slat was developed according to standards set by ANAC, Brazil’s national civil aviation agency responsible for regulatory and safety oversights, and is used to test and validate the wing anti-ice system. This was one of the first compliance inspections for the E190-E2 and E195-E2.

.Instrumented Slat

The slat was then sent to Triumph Aerospace Systems in Newport News, USA, where the company is joining the slat to a replica of the E190-E2/E195-E2 wing that will be used for anti-ice tests. This second step requires passing another compliance inspection from which Embraer will receive approval to send the wing to NASA’s Glenn Research Ice Tunnel facility in Cleveland, USA.

Embraer engineers will conduct FAA-compliant tests in the tunnel to measure the thermal performance of the anti-ice system. They will collect data pertaining to ice accretion and will be looking for ways to reduce bleed air flow. The information will be incorporated in the flight test program. NASA staff will be assisting the Embraer team.

Icing tunnel tests are required for certification of the wing anti-ice system and conform to standards issued by ANAC’s Accredited Professionals in Manufacturing. Tests are witnessed by its representative.

E2-IWT-Slat prototype

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