First E2 Landing Gear Ready for Drop Test

First E2 Landing Gear Ready for Drop Test

ELEB successfully completed the manufacture and assembly of the first nose landing gear that will be used on the E190-E2 and E195-E2.

This first unit, designed and engineered entirely by Embraer, will undergo the drop test (also known as the freefall test) which validates theoretical simulations of landing conditions (limit and power reserve) and verifies the unit’s structural rigidity and capability of the shock absorbers. This type of test generates various data that are used for further certification of the aircraft. In the pictures below, you can see a drop test with the landing gear from the Phenom 100.

To give you some idea of comparable information that will be derived from the test, the Phenom 100 landing gear can withstand weights up to 4,800 kg MTOW (Maximum Takeoff Weight) and a sink rate of 10 feet per second.

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