First Horizontal Empennage for the E175-E2

First Horizontal Empennage for the E175-E2

The E175-E2 horizontal empennage, made of composite materials, was completed on time last week.

The E175-E2 is the third member of our three new-generation E2 E-Jets. At 76 seats in standard configuration, it’s smaller than the larger E190-E2 and E195-E2. Its operating economics are fantastic – the per-trip seat cost is lower than turboprops of comparable size.

E175-E2 Empennage

E175-E2 Empennage

Crew and parts commonality with the two larger E2s give E175-E2 operators tremendous flexibility when scheduling a mixed fleet of E2 models.

The prototype is expected to fly in 2019. E175-E2 certification is scheduled in 2021.

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