E190-E2 Vmu Tests Completed

E190-E2 Vmu Tests Completed

Testing continues on schedule for the certification of the E190-E2 in the first quarter of 2018. Earlier this month, Embraer conducted tests to determine the aircraft’s Vmu, its minimum unstick speed.

Vmu is the minimum speed at which the E2 can take off safely. This test subjects the E2 to its maximum safe angle of attack prior to becoming airborne. The E2’s tail contacts the runway and the air speed is measured just as it takes off.

The Vmu helps to determine critical take off speeds (V1, Vr, V2) and take off distance. Check out the video from the November test.

The E190-E2 test aircraft has demonstrated exceptional handling characteristics at high angles of attack (AOA) and is extremely controllable, even at low speeds at low altitudes.

Widerøe Airlines of Norway will take delivery of the first E190-E2 in April 2018.

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