E2 Tires Set a Michelin Record

E2 Tires Set a Michelin Record

Three configurations of the tire used in the main landing gear were developed in order to reduce any negative impact to the design schedule. One configuration was finally selected and began a series of qualifying trials. After successfully completing those tests last August, the Technical Standard Order for the tire was sent to certifying authorities.

Keeping to the development schedule was critical. Michelin rose to the challenge by conducting the tests just seven months after being awarded the contract to supply the tires. The fast turnaround time for the E2 initiative was the fastest ever for a new tire project by Michelin.

And what were the results of the tests? The weight of the size H42 x 16R20 tire was expected to be 61.5kg yet the actual weight was 59.7kg, a savings of 7.2kg for the four tires on the main landing gear.

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