E2. The Next Generation.

E2. The Next Generation.

Embraer E2 EJet

Development of the second generation of E-Jets is well under way after the program was officially launched at the 2013 Paris Air Show.  Embraer is forecast to spend approximately USD1.7 billion on R&D and capital expenditures for the three new airplanes.  With the E2s, the company is set to capture a share of the expected demand for 6,400 aircraft in the E-Jets category of aircraft over the next 20 years.

The application of advanced technologies for engines, wings and avionics on the E2s will provide airlines with maximum uncompromised gains in efficiency while maintaining commonality with the current generation of E-Jets.  New aerodynamically advanced, high aspect ratio, distinctively-shaped wings, improved systems and avionics, including 4thgeneration full fly-by-wire flight controls, and Pratt & Whitney’s PurePowerTM Geared Turbofan high by-pass ratio engines will deliver double digit reductions in fuel consumption, emissions, noise and maintenance cost, and less aircraft down time.

Embraer EJet E2 Table Compare

The operating cost of the E190-E2 and E195-E2 will be 20% lower than that of future narrow-bodies yet have a similar cost per seat.

 Embraer E2 EJet Cockpit

Cockpit commonality with current generation E-Jets was a key driver in the design definition for a smooth transition for pilots who will fly the E2.  Honeywell’s Primus Epic 2 advanced integrated avionics system with large landscape displays, advanced graphics capabilities and Honeywell’s Next Generation Flight Management System (NGFMS), already in development on current generation E-Jets, will provide exceptional pilot situational awareness and flexibility for continual innovations on the flight deck.

Embraer EJet E2 Chairs

E-Jets are recognized for their bright and spacious cabins that have no middle seats.  Passengers travelling on the E2s will experience an ever higher standard of comfort.  UK design firm Priestmangoode is developing enhancements to the aircraft interior jointly with Embraer.  The new look will feature improvements throughout the cabin and work areas.

Other suppliers and partners for the E2s have been announced previously:

Embraer E2 Ejet Supplier Information

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