E2 Gear Struts its Stuff

E2 Gear Struts its Stuff

ELEB, the company responsible for developing and producing the landing gear for the E2s, has partnered with ALTA Precision of Montréal, Canada, which is machining the main landing gear structure. Each piece is forged from a bar of carbon steel and titanium that is produced in France. After a bar arrives in Canada, it is thinned and machined by ALTA until it conforms to ELEB’s original design. The final piece is the main landing gear trunnion which is approximately 2 meters high and weighs 250kg. Titanium is used because of its light weight. Managing weight, of course, is fundamental to the E2 program.

ALTA Precision was chosen from several bidders because it is efficient, lean and highly-qualified to undertake a project of this magnitude.

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