E-Jets helping S7 Airlines fly through turbulent times

E-Jets helping S7 Airlines fly through turbulent times

The 17 E170s in the S7 Airlines fleet are helping the Russian carrier fly through the turbulent times of the coronavirus pandemic. In fact, S7 is performing exceptionally well. Its August 2020 traffic volume was higher than that of August 2019. And for the fifth consecutive month, S7 carried more passengers than any other Russian registered airline.

Russia has the biggest domestic air travel market in Europe and is recovering from the traffic downturn faster than any other country in the world.

Of the 39 cities connecting S7’s second hub at Novosibirsk, the airline’s 78-seat E170s were the principal aircraft type to 30 of those cities in August. The aircraft are essential to serving smaller markets in Siberia.

S7’s E170s are economic lifelines to communities where other modes of transport aren’t as efficient or even available. Because of their right-sized capacity and favourable operating economics, the airline’s E-Jet fleet was able to maintain vital links to those regions during the worst of the pandemic.

S7 Airlines showcases the best of E-Jet capabilities. With the right airplane, right market, and the right frequency, the E170s have helped the carrier build an impressive network in just 3 years.