With the aviation industry seeking to minimize its impact on the environment and be more sustainable, the eco-friendly E2 Profit Hunter will have a huge role to play.


For airlines to be sustainable, they need to fill seats without emitting more pollutants than necessary and have a lower footprint per trip. The rightsized E2 Profit Hunter provides the perfect solution.

By replacing larger and less efficient aircraft with the smaller and rightsized E2 Profit Hunter, airlines can reduce carbon emissions by 30%. That’s 3,700kg less CO2 per flight and a reduction of 1 million tons of CO2 in 10 years for a fleet of 10 aircraft.

less CO2 per flight tons less of CO2 in 10 years for a fleet of 10 aircraft carbon emissions 3,700kg 1 Million -30%

Lowest emissions

The E2 features Pratt & Whitney GTF™ engines, a new wing and other advancements that together result in double-digit reduction in fuel consumption, emissions and maintenance costs.

Passenger flying an airline that replaced its old generation with E2 This means... This equals to planting... changing from cars to bikes to go to work everyday of trees annually Airline choosing E2 aircraft over A220s ~93K people ~135 soccer fields

Quietest aircraft in single aisle

The E2 is the most efficient aircraft in single aisle, and the quietest.

The figures are impressive. Not only does the E2 exceed noise compliance regulations (the E2 must comply with Chapter 4, but has reached Chapter 14), it also delivers 30% less noise compared to older generation single aisle aircraft and 20% less noise compared to new generation single aisle jets.

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As commercial aviation industry emerges from COVID-19 there will be new challenges and new opportunities.

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