The E195-E2 is Born

The E195-E2 is Born

Yesterday’s roll-out of the E195-E2 was wonderfully emotional. (You can watch the ceremony highlights on our I noticed a few tears of joy in the eyes of several employees as the airplane emerged from behind the hangar doors. I’ll admit that I even got caught up in the jubilation. It was a momentous occasion and another big milestone for Embraer and the E-Jets program.

What made the biggest impression on me wasn’t the list of superlatives associated with our newest E2. Sure, it’s physically the biggest commercial jet we’ve ever produced. It has the latest technology, lowest trip cost among aircraft in its category, and with up to 146-seats, it’s our highest capacity E-Jet.

Nor was it the pride of presenting this E195-E2 to the world. Just 13 months ago, we showcased our first E2, the E190-E2, to much fanfare. This roll-out was more subdued yet just as thrilling to those who participated.

What impressed me most was simply being in the presence of up to 10,000 cheering employees who have laboured tirelessly to see the birth of their 58-metric tonne baby. To ten representatives of them were given the honour of pouring champagne over the radome to officially christen the airplane.

A roll-out is a triumphant event. A celebration of man and machine. But yesterday was also a celebration of the passion, commitment and ingenuity of the thousands of dedicated men and women of Embraer who make our vision fly. To all of them, um grande abraço.

The stork has delivered the E195-E2. Now, we’re eagerly waiting for it to leave the nest and fly.

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