E190-E2 Flies at ALTA in Panama

E190-E2 Flies at ALTA in Panama

Our E190-E2 “shark” is at the ALTA 2018 Leaders Forum in Panama today. It opened the event with a demo flight around the city for journalists and airline guests.

ALTA Leaders Forum Panama

Photo by ALTA Leaders Forum Panama: E2 demo tour

The E2 is just back from its demo tour around Europe and Asia and landed in Panama so that members of the Latin American aviation community could experience the airplane for themselves.

The new E-Jets E2 family has enormous potential to improve connectivity in the region. Airlines operate mainly on trunk routes while in many countries, especially in Brazil, population and the economies of medium-sized cities are developing faster. Airlines are not exploring these opportunities often because they do not have the right aircraft capacity. Rightsizing is the answer to this.

Our Latin America marketing team has released its latest analysis that highlights the opportunities for aviation across the continent. Many of the comparative charts are quite revealing.

You can learn more about the prospects for air travel in Latin America by downloading a copy of the report here.