Services & Support

In today’s challenging commercial aviation environment, operators require service and support capabilities that can be accessed around the clock, anywhere in the world. They also need a partner they can trust.

Our experience in the sector and technical knowledge of our own aircraft is unsurpassed and through our global network, we provide our customers with conveniently accessible assistance for all operational and technical issues.

From real-time monitoring and optimized maintenance to aircraft upgrades and flight safety training, we are committed to looking after the needs of operators and maximizing the efficiency, performance and profitability of their fleet.

We call it being FleetSmart.

Field Support

FleetSmart solutions mean great support and great teams, maximizing your performance and assisting with all operational and technical issues. Our technical knowledge of our aircraft and our commitment to you are unsurpassed.

Technical Support

Superb, expert technical support is a FleetSmart solution. We provide real-time fleet monitoring and analytics with the remote options and expertise you need.
MAIN TEL +55 12 3927.3333


FleetSmart operations ensure the availability of all necessary parts and materials economically, without jeopardizing flight and maintenance schedules. You can access the parts and materials you need, when you need them.
TEL: +55 12 3927.2233


Smooth entry into service with the highest levels of service are FleetSmart attributes. Our highly experienced and qualified instructors, experts and engineers guarantee your needs are met, ensuring personnel with the highest levels of competence.
TEL: +55123927.6259

Flight Operations

Your flight operations are our passion and we take pride in tailoring our services to meet your unique requirements. At every level, we have the experience and expertise to create the operations solutions you need.
TEL: +55 12 3927.1706


FleetSmart solutions are connected. Our robust e-solutions provide always connected teams, products and services - a truly FleetSmart environment. Our technology and connectivity lets you reach in to the future of aviation.
TEL: +55 12 3927.2337 [24/7]

Aircraft Modification

Providing total execution and coordination of system upgrades for improved fleet performance and cabin modifications for enhanced onboard amenities.
When it comes to aircraft modification, no matter how far you want to take it, we’re with you all the way.


Shaping optimized maintenance solutions based on best practices for efficiency, safety, and eff­ectiveness.
TEL: +55 12 3927.3333


For assistance, please contact our CCC or your local Embraer representative:
Technical Support
Tel: +55 12 99713 4559 (Structures)
Tel: +55 12 99121 2022 (Systems)

Tel: +55 12 3927 2233