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From class-leading sustainability and profitability to rightsizing that perfectly matches capacity with demand, the incredible E2 Profit Hunter is a different animal for a different world.

“Living for the challenge and following our dreams. The E195-E2 embodies the spirit of Embraer”


The E2 Profit Hunter is the world’s most efficient single-aisle aircraft. Delivering 25.4% better fuel burn per seat* and 10% better fuel burn compared to its direct competitor.


With the ability to operate from shorter runways, an extended range of 900 nm* along with improved hot and high performance, the E2 Profit Hunter is the smart choice for airlines.


From nose to tail, the E2 Profit Hunter is brimming with new technology. Fourth-generation fly-by-wire, unique high-aspect ratio wings, new engines and landing gear, all contribute to an improvement in efficiency and performance*.


The quietest passenger jet in the world today, both inside the cabin and outside the cabin, the E2 Profit Hunter also produces significantly lower emissions*. Good news for passengers and communities living close to airports.


No middle seat in any class. 40% larger overhead bins*. Streaming Wi-Fi. The E2 Profit Hunter sets the standard for cabin comfort.


The E2 Profit Hunter offers extraordinary operating economics with its 25.4% better fuel efficiency and 20% better maintenance cost per seat*.


*compared to first-generation E-Jets.


Following triple certification last year, the E195-E2 Profit Hunter has successfully entered into commercial service with global launch operator, Azul Linhas Aereas Brasileiras SA, and in Europe, with Spanish regional carrier, Binter Canaries.



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E195-E2 at Azul. A Year of Flying.

It’s hard to believe that it was one year ago that we delivered our first E195-E2. Azul, the launch operator for our biggest jet, received the aircraft at an extravagant ceremony at our Faria Lima facility on September 12, 2019. Since then, Azul has added 5 more E2s and plans to eventually have a fleet

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Helvetic Goes Big!

Our customer in Switzerland is in the news again. Last week, it received our 1,600th production E-Jet and then flew it a record 7,488 km nonstop from Natal, Brazil, to Zürich in 9h 10m on its delivery flight. Today, the airline announced it is converting four of its remaining seven E190-E2 orders to our largest

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Binter Receives Its First E195-E2

Binter of Spain celebrates the incorporation of the first E195-E2 at a ceremony at our São José dos Campos facility last night. In addition to executives from the airline, some 30 Binter employees attended the event. They were chosen to fly to Brazil to participate in the delivery as part of Binter’s 30th anniversary celebrations.

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