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  • Emb 110 Bandeirante

    Serving communities for more than 35 years.

    The venerable 15-seat Bandeirante first entered scheduled airline service in 1973.

    When production ceased in 1991, 498 airplanes had been manufactured. In 2009, 320 were still in service.

    Airlines around the world know the Bandeirante for its rugged durability, legendary performance, unmatched economics and day in, day out reliability.

  • Emb 120 Brasília

    By 1994, the most popular regional aircraft in the world.

    With its super critical wing and pressurized cabin, the 30- seat Brasilia set new standards for commuter aircraft when it entered commercial service in 1985.

    A success first in the USA, the airplane also became the mainstay of fleets of airlines in Australia and the south Pacific.

    352 Brasilias were built and delivered to 33 operators before production ended.