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13 February 2015Asia Pacific

 E-Jets Link Indonesian Cities

Serpong-based regional Indonesian carrier Kalstar Aviation launched E195 services last week.  Its two 118-seat, single class E-Jets, leased from Aldus Aviation, are flying primarily within Kalimantan on the island of Borneo.  Destinations include Taraka, Samarinda, Berau, Tanjung Selor and Nunukan as well as the country’s capital city, Jakarta.


According to Kalstar Aviation CEO Andi Masyhur, “the E195 gives us an opportunity to open new routes and provide better connectivity, frequency and passenger comfort to the people of Kalimantan.” The 3,704 km range of the E195 will allow the airline to go beyond the borders of Kalimantan province and fly, if the airline wants, to Darwin, Perth, Manila and Bangkok.


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