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13 September 2013North America

 Celebrating 1,000 E-Jets

The 1,000th E-Jet production aircraft was delivered to Mr. Bryan Bedford, the President, Chairman and CEO of Republic Airways Holdings at a ceremony at Embraer’s São José dos Campos facility.  The aircraft is an E175 that Republic will fly on beh​alf of American Eagle, the regional partner of American Airlines of Ft. Worth, Texas.
The event paid ​tribute to the 85 customers and 26 leasing companies that have added E-Jets to their fleets since the first revenue flight of an E170 by LOT Polish Airlines in 2004.  The theme of the ceremony was “Change” in reference to how E-Jets have transformed commercial aviation and brought new efficiency, connectivity and standards of on-board comfort to the regional aircraft sector.()

Employees carrying placards with logos and flags of each customer paraded through the audience and assembled beside the aircraft to form a map of the world. Mr. Frederico Curado, President and CEO of Embraer, spoke of the magnitude of the changes that E-Jets have brought to customers, passengers and even to Embraer itself the nine years since E-Jets entered scheduled airline service.  He made specific reference to how E-Jets continue to open new markets, particularly in China, and how perceptions of regional aircraft have changed. 


E-Jets have defined a new category of aircraft.  Embraer E-Jets have blurred the line between smaller regional jets and larger single-aisle airplanes.  Today, you’ll find Embraer customers flying E-Jets with audio and video-on-demand entertainment systems, WiFi and premium class cabins.  E-Jets routinely fly long sectors – some as long as five hours – and are often scheduled on routes in parallel with larger single-aisle jets.




L-R:  Peter Warlick, Vice President-Treasurer, American Airlines; Frederico Curado, President & CEO, Embraer; Paulo Cesar Silva, President, Embraer Commercial Aviation; Lars-Erik Arnell, Sr. VP, Corporate Development, Republic Airways Holdings, Inc.; Bryan Bedford, Chairman, President & CEO, Republic Airways Holdings, Inc.

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