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15 June 2015Europe

 Aircastle Orders E2s

The E-Jets E2 program has a new customer.  Aircastle Limited, a global leasing company with offices in the USA, Ireland and Singapore, announced an order for 25 E2s at the 2015 Paris Air Show.  The USD1.5 billion transaction consists of 15 E190-E2s and 10 E195-E2s.  First deliveries of the E190-E2 are scheduled in 2018 and in 2019 for the E195-E2.

These new E2s will supplement Aircastle’s existing portfolio of 152 single and twin aisle aircraft that are leased to 54 customers in 34 countries.​

Embraer and AirCastle executives during the press conference at the Paris Air Show, where the leasing company orders up to 50 E-Jets E2.

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